As an expert household services consultant it is my job to help clients save money on their household expenses. While working with a client that was an elderly woman I trusted National Advocacy Alliance, LLC to help her with some credit issues. I am so glad that I am working with them to assist my clients. They walked her through the process. They explained things step by step. They were able to complete the process and fix all her issues within 60 days. Thanks National Advocacy Alliance for doing what you say you do! Your honesty and commitment to our clients solidify our ongoing relationship.

Michael Reeves - PSNX Founder

I was referred to National Advocacy Alliance by my loan officer when I was applying for my home loan. I called and spoke with Jackie.  When I spoke with her, she was like a walking encyclopedia of knowledge. The education she provided me was so enlightening. I decided to take a chance. She was able to expeditiously improve my situation. When I went through audit to close on my house. I had no suggestions to be made, nothing to be fixed. Everything was perfect. This is the best investment that I have ever done. I highly recommend this company.      

Crystal M.

National Advocacy Alliance Team made all of the difference to me and my family.  After being out of work for an extended period of time and moving to Texas to reestablished my career, I needed help resolving some old issues.  The team at National Advocacy Alliance helped me understand my options and rights.  After I retained them, I saw results within 2 weeks and more results after 30 days.  I could not have done it without them!  Thank you National Advocacy Alliance!!!

Mark K.

Jackie Shapiro and her team are masters of their craft. I have been in the mortgage industry for many years and they continue to impress me with their vast knowledge about any and all credit matters. They have a keen ability to assist clients with their needs in an expeditious manner. They take the time to get to know their clients and communicate with them on a constant basis to establish trust and make them feel at ease throughout the process. As a direct result of their capabilities, I have been able to close a number of home loans that would not have otherwise gone through. I would highly recommend Jackie and her team for any issues you may have. Hands down they are the best in the business!

​Jerry T.